A sunny day in Athens… and a load of FREE books!

Pleased to share some photos from a recent visit to Athens centre, or rather, the old (and very touristy) parts of the city that are called Monastiraki and Plaka. In my photos, you will see the Ancient Agora, the octagonal Tower of the Winds, Monastiraki square, the lanes with the souvenir shops, and even a picture of the Byzantine church “Kapnikarea” on Ermou street.

I visited on a sweltering hot day, and in one of the pictures you can actually see the water spray that kept showering down from the edges of the tents to keep the punters cool at the cafes. It was bliss to sit near the spray as I enjoyed my coffee and took in the spectacular view of the Acropolis.

Walking around the shops was a delight I’d really come to miss. It had been a year since my last visit. When it was time for lunch, I headed straight to Bairaktaris, just off Monastiraki square, and had a typical Greek meal. It was a portion of gyros with a cabbage salad and zucchini patties. Heavenly stuff!

Why did I choose shredded cabbage for my salad and not the typical Choriatiki, you might ask? Well, being so health conscious these days, I wanted to have lemon juice to dissolve the fat from the pork dish in my system. Which salad is served with fresh lemon juice? You guessed it! Cabbage and carrot salad. Sorted!


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3 responses to “A sunny day in Athens… and a load of FREE books!

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful and impressive photographs, of my very beloved city. It seems our Germans politicans were not able to destroy one of the most cultural civilisations in Europe. :-)) We thank the gods! Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! xx Michael


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